Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, despite a forecast of 10mph South winds--which would be *perfect* for the flying I'm attempting--today's winds blow from the the East, completely unflyable for the terrain at hand. So I've been to the Inupiat Heritage Center here in Barrow, where I've been drawing; below, a sketch of a snowy owl--'Ukpik' in the Inupiat language--and its meal.

Two winters ago, trekking alone across a blinding expanse of snowy tundra (it was February, when floods of sunlight burst across the southern horizon), I experienced that sensation we all know, the eerie sensation of being though someone is standing just a little too close behind you. I stopped skiing and scanned around and was frozen in position, nailed to the Earth, by the stare of a large snowy owl just 20 paces away. It was studying me with great care. I haven't stopped thinking about this creature since.

Hoping for fairer winds tomorrow, and running out of time before my 03 Jan flight home!

Cheers & most happy new year To All.


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