Sunday, December 14, 2008

North Slope news: 14 Dec. 2008

Got a phone message and email from Cameron yesterday evening (Dec. 13).

Cameron says that he did his talk on Neanderthals on Saturday. It was a nice audience of 10-12 people. Cameron met with Glenn Sheehan, the Executive Director at BASC, and also met with Nok Acker the Assistant Logistics Coordinator at BASC. Cameron picked up his sled, borrowed ammunition from BASC, and he and Chiu are dialing in their fuel needs, for which they'll be using white gas.

Cameron says that the sea ice is frozen about a half mile out from land, but that normally it would be frozen further out.

The lads are eating the food rations in order to save on food costs, and Cameron reports that the rations are quite tasty.

They hope to head out from Barrow on Monday.

Here's a picture of Nok and Chiu (sled is in foreground).
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