Friday, December 12, 2008

North Slope news: 12 Dec. 2008--update

Got a call from Cameron this morning. He says it's minus 20 degrees F with a little fog but no clouds. There's also a full moon.

Cameron and Chiu will walk to BASC (Barrow Arctic Science Consortium) today to pick up Cameron's sled, which he left there last year. Then they'll bring the sled back to their base. It's a three mile walk each way.

Tomorrow (13 Dec.), Cameron will give a talk on Neanderthals. Then they hope to head out toward Iko Bay on Sunday, or Monday at the latest.

Cameron and Chiu are going through their gear to see if they've forgotten anything. It turns out that Chiu forgot his face mask, but fortunately Cameron has an extra one. Cameron says that he's probably forgotten something himself, and that Chiu will most likely have a backup for him.

So, they're continuing to get prepared, and, as Cameron told me "Everything's pretty good right now."


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