Friday, July 10, 2015

Talks at Second Interstellar Congress and TVIW!

I am honored to be invited recently to talk about the anthropology of space settlement at the Second Interstellar Congress at Drexel University this Fall, and the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop in March 2016.

Icarus Interstellar is an international research team working on giving humanity the option of interstellar flight by the end of this century. I have been involved with them since 2012, recently publishing a paper in Acta Astronautica about the population genetics of multigenerational interstellar voyaging. Acta Astronautica is a top, international journal of space exploration technologies, and I am happy to have my paper there as a foundation paper in the field of biological, population-level issues in interstellar voyaging.

The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop is led by Les Johnson, Deputy Manager of Advanced Concepts at the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. You might not know it, but the Tennessee Valley is home to much of the most advanced theoretical and practical work on the development of advanced, 'ultra-deep-space' (interstellar) technologies.

I will talk on my topics, outlined here.

As at a handful of conferences in the last few years, I will be excited to talk with people way beyond science-fiction, and building the science-fact regarding humanity's long-term future beyond the Earth. That material is being assembled at present into my next book, 'Principles of Space Anthropology' (Springer 2018).