Monday, December 22, 2008

North Slope news: 22 Dec. 2008

Talked to Cameron today.

He called me from what he described as the foul-smelling interior of his sleeping bag. He said the conditions were pretty much the same as yesterday, although the temperature was a bit colder, minus 12F.

The boys took the paraglider out today for three hours, but Cameron was only lifted one foot in the air for a distance of one foot. He says he's trying various ways to gain elevation, and that he'll keep trying for the next few days. The terrain is so flat on the north slope that there are no hills to run down to help create lift on the wing.

They plan on leaving the hut on 27 December and heading back towards Barrow, but on their way they'll stop at another hut near Mark Hoffman's radio antenna, about 13-14 miles from their present location.

A photo below. Click photo to enlarge. Photo courtesy of Mark Hoffman.

Chiu (L) and Cameron (R):

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