Friday, December 26, 2008

North Slope news: 26 Dec. 2008

There are two messages to report:

On 25 December at around 6:20pm AST Cameron said that they decided to leave Iko Bay hut en route back to Barrow. He reported that they were about three miles ESE of their first campsite where they camped on the nights of December 16 and 17.

Cameron said that the light was poor at Iko Bay, and the wind wasn't good, so that's why they decided to leave Iko Bay. He said that they should be at Mark Hoffman's hut within 4-5 hours.

On 26 December at around 12:45am AST I got a message from Cameron. They walked 12 miles today and reached a road where they got a ride back to Barrow. The lads are now safe and sound back at the Polar Bear Theater at BASC, or as Cameron put it the second time in his message: "I repeat, we are now back at the Polar Bear Theater at BASC Station."

There was another 20 seconds or so of communications from Cameron, but the signal was so distorted that I couldn't make heads or tails of it, except for a garbled sounding "Merry Christmas."

Now that the fellows are back at Barrow, we should shortly see some postings of recent photographs, so stay tuned!

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