Friday, December 12, 2008

North Slope news: 12 Dec. 2008--more updates

Got another phone message and an email (with photos) from Cameron. It's around -20 F, and the winds are around 8-10 mph.

Cameron explained that they're dialing in their clothing even more, because everything has to be perfect. He says that you can't stop and fix your clothing in the cold if it's not working right. The boys went to a fur shop where some natives gave them some excellent advice. Now Cameron and Chiu are both sewing ruffs onto the hoods of their jackets.

Here are the most recent photos below.
Click to enlarge photos.

The cost of 12 ounces of coffee beans

The cost of a 22 ounce bag of corn chips

Cameron and Chiu eating dinner

A Barrow street at "high noon"

Chiu with large-format camera

Chiu with large-format camera again

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