Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seat Pressure Test

Rather late tonight, as I was cleaning up the tools, I decided to put the suit in the seat and pressurize. All well! Went up to 3+PSI. One slow leak, where I expect it. The other main slow leak problem has been solved. The cinches to pressure restraint garment elbows and knees, to give the suit a bit of shape, work! The arms are held down by bungee cords at the moment, but that's just for convenience for the moment. The great thing is that all of my fittings--suit gases in / out, cooling in/out are airtight. The main problem now will be to get the upper part of the suit's restraint garment a bit closer tailored to my shape, and then start building the liquid oxygen breathing gas system, which is going to be very simple and robust.

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