Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Electrical Control Box Placement

These days I think, every day, 'What can I do today to advance the project, even if just a little?' Tonight I took an hour to build a wooden/cardboard replica of the main electrical control panel, and mounted it on the right armrest; here you see the pilot's eye view of the box, which will have six switches (I need to build into the box a switch protector so they're less likely to be turned on/off accidentally). My pressure suit will be very crude--though effective--so mobility will be low, demanding that I design things so that I don't need to move my arms around too much. This means placing all controls / actuators as close to my hands as possible. This arrangement would put the main electrics control box very close, allowing me to turn on and off the main electrical components with a slight hand gesture.

Right now it looks like electrical actuators will be on the right hand side, and gas management will be on the left. Burner / balloon deflation controls are another issue, to be dealt with after I work out the gas management controls.

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