Saturday, January 28, 2012

Glove Improvements

Did some grading starting at 6am and then did some work on the gloves; in the first photo, on the left, the first pressure bladder glove, to its right the second pressure bladder (a backup that fits over the first) and to the right of that, the cuff protector (laid out flat). Next photo, the right glove fitted to a cylinder the same size as the cylinder at the end of the suit sleeve, with the bound hose clamps in place and marked for where screwing to tighten them down should cease (written 'Close Stop' on the metal band). At the base of the assembly is the cuff protector, wrapped around the cuff but not yet in place. Next photo, screwing on the hose clamps, and the next, the cuff protector in place ( to prevent the hose clamps from hanging up on anything) and the glove showing its compression strap. This is somewhat effective, but I mean to add another to the palm to give the glove a bit more shape. Just a few items left on the list now, but two books due on Monday, so I have to get back to them!


Gregory said...

Looking good. What do you plan to use for your thermal layers?

Cameron McPherson Smith said...

Thanks, Gregory -- right now I'm focusing on cooling, as what I've read is that the pressurization gas in the suit is a very effective insulator, and that cooling has been the problem, with people in the suit at high altitude feeling perfectly warm, or even too hot, even at c.-40F ambient temperature when wearing only a thin long-john liner suit underneath. Cheers Cameron

worapoj said...

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