Sunday, January 22, 2012

Center Fitting Installed

Built in the center through-fitting, for communication and electrical cables, and replaced plastic helmet hold-down fittings with metal; very close, now, to being ready to give it a full-pressure test, with me inside. I've been saying that for months, but that's how it goes! Also a close-up photo of seaming to tighten up a restraint-garment arm section...and again, I'm so lucky to have learned the principles of high-strength hand-seaming while designing and sewing the sails for our 1998 sailing vessel. I'd be almost crippled without that, or forced into using sewing machines. While sewing machines would be more precise, my accuracy here is sufficient -- and the point with this project is to build the suit with my own skills rather than relying on the expertise of the system that has to date built such suits. There are a few items I do have to have made by experts, but I'm confident I could learn those skills, and I will as I observe their construction.

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