Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ocean Magazine

I am thrilled to be the winner of the 2012 Ocean Magazine writing contest. This very short narrative began as some notes scrawled in a notebook, then typed on my blog, then edited a few times before submission. The other day I received two copies of Ocean, and a card mentioning I'd won -- a nice surprise.

The narrative is a little other-worldly in that the chronology is a little mixed, and it's not always entirely clear what's going on...that is by design, as, just like mountain climbing, or sailing on the Pacific on a strange, primitive raft, or dragging my sled through shifting mists or auroral glows in Iceland or Alaska, all of these experiences have seemed strange and other-worldly -- especially in hindsight, when I close my eyes to sleep, sometimes, and images or sounds of these experiences bubble up...Did I really do that? Was I ever really there?

The hours and days thunder by -- every moment infinitely more precious than the brightest or heaviest gold!

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