Monday, July 8, 2013


Busy; last night I dreamed about a pressure regulator that is giving us problems. In the dream I discovered the difficulty, but on waking realized that that solution was not applicable in the real world. A couple of years ago, piled under three books I was writing, I dreamt of DNA molecules. In the past I've dreamed of crevasses, icefall and avalanche. Now, it's a breathing gas regulator the size of a pack of cards. We've taken it apart, and put it back together, and I do think I understand the issue now; we'll find out this coming weekend! In the photos, several of us putting Ben Wilson into the suit (L to R, Alexander Knapton, Ben Wilson, me, Nicholas Walleri) -- photo by Amy Magruder -- and me in the suit, wearing also the orange flameproof coverall. Less than 60 days to altitude chamber test in Copenhagen. Exhausted but thrilled to be working on a pressure suit for Copenhagen Suborbitals!

Exciting development here, recently, regarding a private expedition to Mars, and I will post on that later, when I can catch my breath!

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