Friday, July 26, 2013

Pressure Suit 2009-2013

Photo shows the pressure suit in 2009, and in 2013. It has come a long, long way! Starting 17 August I will be in Copenhagen to put the suit to a pressure test in an altitude chamber, as well as start integrating it with Copenhagen Suborbitals' Tycho space capsule. I will fulfill a dream that I have had since before I was 10 years old; to climb into a space capsule wearing a pressure suit! And this is no costume or playtime, this is a real pressure suit, and a real spacecraft, each being built by private individuals and organizations!

Presuming everything checks out, starting next summer I will fly a series of tests of the suit in a capsule suspended beneath a balloon, to check the suit out for the flight, scheduled some years from now. All has worked out beautifully. A few more tests here in Portland, and I will be on my way.

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