Sunday, July 14, 2013

Major Breathing Gas and Temperature Breakthroughs

Seven hours of headbanging demolished the free-flow we were getting through one regulator. A new issue came up, but we will brainstorm on it a few days before the next test. Huge breakthrough! It came from Ben Wilson taking the regulator apart one step farther than I'd previously known possible and making a tiny adjustment. Nice camera angle from high up. Washoe Magruder's modifications to the orange coverall worked, as well as to the coolant suit, which now runs ice water across the chest, down the arms to the wrists as well as to the legs! Hoorah! Suit temp now closer to 70F than 90+F! Major breakthrough there as well! Thanks to the intrepid crew, from L to R, of Alexander Knapton, Nicholas Walleri, yours truly, Washoe Magruder and Ben Wilson, also seen in the new coolant suit.

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