Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yet Another Pressure Test

This pressure test included Alexander Knapton (to my right), Ben Wilson(a little down the line), and Ben Robbins, who shot some great video of the test. Some impressions:

"Having Ben Wilson get in the suit and pressurize, and breathe through the various systems, so that I can see it from the outside, is a revolutionary step ahead. Luckily Ben is a very level-headed guy in the suit. He is a mountaineer, like I was for a decade, and he is happy to engage some danger in the pursuit of something larger.

Huge progress last few weekends. Now a big change to put a laser focus on preparing for the altitude chamber test in August; that means a new To Do list, which I will build this week. This is what a DIY space program looks like :) We lose suit comms every time the suit is pressurized, something to do with mike and earpiece diaphragms being deformed by increased pressure in the suit. In the photo I'm visually confirming with Ben that all is A-OK, using SCUBA sign language. Also a photo of me in the suit, Ben standing by and Nicholas monitoring the webcam and talking with me on radio."

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