Monday, May 27, 2013

Glove Remount

This morning I woke with an urge to go straight to work removing the old, bulky glove mounts and replace them with much slimmer mounts; I dressed, turned on the radio and set to it, feeling good to finally take the dive after a year of thinking about how to do this. Five hours later, I have one remount completed. Now for a bite to eat, then knock out the other one (which will be a little more complicated as it includes the suit pressure gauge)! In the lower photo you can see the larger mount removed, an inch greater in diameter than the new mount. I also now have four rather than two hose clamps employed, and I feel confident enough with this build to stake my life on it in the altitude chamber in Copenhagen this August. Once both gloves are remounted, I will work on seaming in a new integration with the suit's pressure restraint garment. Just one of close to 65 items on the To Do list -- there is no time to lose!

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