Wednesday, May 1, 2013

'The Lost Raft' by John. F. Haslett

My buddy John F. Haslett, skipper of our sailing vessels off the Pacific Coast of South America, has re-released his book in a Kindle edition! This is a great read that John has packed with information about the original sailing cultures of Western Ecuador, and why Thor Heyerdahl's famous expeditions were simply wrong in their premises, sailing destinations and even building methods. Great reading! I am so proud of my friend, John, for finally putting these tales to paper--not nearly as easy as it sounds!

Haslett’s two most important characters are the sea and the raft, and they come alive on almost every page." –Publisher’s Weekly

Haslett’s prose vibrates with energy … [he] makes you feel the lash of the sail and hear the breakers exploding against the rocks … This is a loud, insistently physical read … ” –San Francisco Chronicle

"Haslett’s narrative begins with the launching of a thirty-five thousand-pound balsa raft, the Illa-Tiki, and then follows up by thrusting the reader into life on the Pacific Ocean. Over the next five years the author and his crews alternate between living aboard primitive rafts and being marooned in alien worlds." -- St. Martins Press

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