Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moonlight Levitation

There is something extraordinarily primal about being lifted. When you are lifted bodily, you remember something. Tonight I took a paraglider wing to a park and pointed the inflation ports into the wind. The wing inflated and stood above me, towered twenty feet above me, striving upward; it pulled at me, straight up, lifting me off the ground. Drawing on the correct lines I dropped to the ground with a light bump. With a gust I was up again; the feeling of suspension from an array of lines was deeply familiar. I felt a great calm as something ancient in me whispered Yes, this is right.... When I looked up I saw stars racing past the leading edge; I was flying, just a few feet above the grass, but flying forward. Below my boots the grass was black and shining with moonlight.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your feeling of...lightness. :) Glad a sense of calm could be derived from the evening, it's not always an easy feeling to find.
My experiences with flying by oneself are...complicated, and so far only the night can tempt me into flight.