Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Explorers Film School

On a recent diving trip my buddy and I were able to view our pictures, and even video footage(my impresions of the dive are here, and Todd's are here), within minutes of getting out of the water. Saving images and video to flash drives, and having them instantly available, is strange. I'm used to carefully planning out each shot of 35mm film, and biting my nails for a week or so--after returning to civilization--for the results; maybe a handful of saleable shots in one 36-frame roll, maybe only two. It's all changed, though, and I'm going digital. A professional photographer friend of mine, who owns and operates PhotographersDirect said it the other day: 'Film is dead.' RIP, film! I'll miss you. Speaking of expedition videography, here's a link to Andrew Miles' new Explorers Film School (it's in England); Andy has filmed in Antarctica, the Himalaya, under Arctic pack ice, in the Candian name it. He shot supplemental video of my 2000-2004 SoloIce expedition to Iceland for the film 'The Deadly Glacier' (National Geographic Television, 2005; sample here) and he's now opened his own expedition film school to train expeditioners in the basics of field photography and videography. Good luck with the new venture, Andy!

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