Monday, November 19, 2007

Oregon Bluster and the Shrimp Army

I love Oregon; it's raining now, our 'Liquid Sunshine' streaming off waxy fir boughs, turning elm arms a slick black, wet wind blowing yellow-white leaves off the trees like snow, whirling in the wind until they slant down and stick to the pavement. Beautiful. The other day, with Greg Baker and Bill Cornett, I took a dozen students from Linfield out to Parrett Mountain to find a lost archaeological site. What can I say; 30mph wind, clouds blowing across the fields, so dark in the woods that we couldn't even do basic paperwork. For the first time in seven years, my GPS couldn't even acquire a single satellite; this was Oregon bluster at its finest. Picture above of my intrepid students :) And below, a sketch of the Shrimp Army, seen a few weeks ago on a night dive seventy feet below the surface of Puget Sound, Washington (click to enlarge).

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Anonymous said...

cameron, bill and greg. that sounds like fabulous company! the mercury is finally dipping down here. texas live oak bluster