Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Dimension

This weekend of diving left me sloshing with the waves, whirling and surging upwards with the bubbles. I felt these as I drifted to sleep, but at 3am I woke with an overwhelming urge to move, to keep moving. I went out and ran three miles east, towards the edge of the Earth where the sun would rise, but I found no light out there. Finally I turned for home, knowing I'd been right to go; there was little logic to it, but I didn't care. I had to go, I still have to go. I have to keep going. There is another dimension to plunge into, to explore, and it is just over there, towards where the sun rises.


Anonymous said...

And you thought no one would look at your blog...I doubt I'm the only one that finds this sort of thing interesting.
Quite the poet we are, I like the style.
Went for a 3-mi run at 3 am, hmm, curiouser and curiouser...
I thought the drawing of the crab was very interesting. I use charoal generally, I like the stark black and white contrast.
My comments are probably unusual, but I thought it a polite gesture, and hope it's received well.
I hope that whatever it is you seek that's just over that horizon you find, I am sure you will when the time is right.
The Caterpillar

(albuterol/saline solution after an asthma attack is a real lifesaver, will try not to do that again this x-mas...sheepish grin.)

Cameron McPherson Smith said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool pics, cool posts!
We require more...

Anonymous said...

fascinating... Alice in Wonderland