Saturday, May 19, 2012

ONM Mask In

Installed oral-nasal mask (ONM), fitting it to the breathing gas in/out ports on the suit chest. The hoses are a bit long, but they tuck nicely back into the helmet when it's attached. I'm arranging a 60-minute pressure test, with me inside, for next weekend. The system has come a long way in three years! Replacing the plastic components on the suit will be easy, and for the moment they have made it cheap to build a proof-of-concept full pressure suit. Working on a long list of tiny checklist items today, e.g. attaching a few zip ties, sealing the four tiny holes in the ONM, cleaning all seals, installing a blinking LED low-pressure alarm light (it will just tell me when the pressure-regulating valve kicks in, actually, so it will never actually indicate a less-than survivable pressure, only that the regulator has kicked in for a moment...or it might be on continuously, if there is a slow leak...if there is, it should be very slow as I have documented in many tests in the last few months).

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