Thursday, May 3, 2012


Pressure tests and breathing system tests are exciting; but 90% of the building is more mundane fare, like making my own grommet straps; these will be built into the shoulder joints of the pressure restraint garment, and laced with parachute cord, to join the arm to the shoulder. Hour by hour, the system grows toward reliable function!

And the system is very close. A sensitive overpressure valve (prevents burst of suit if the pressurization system fails in the 'open' configuration) is in the mail to me, and a talk with a pneumatics engineer confirmed one design I dreamed up to automatically maintain appropriate pressure in the suit in the event of a leak; the components for that I'll pick up from the pneumatics workshop next week. I've worked up a 'Drop Dead Deadline List' of timelines by which I mean to reach certain goals. For a long time I've avoided such a timeline, but for a few reasons, the list and timeline are now appropriate.

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