Friday, May 18, 2012


I am always entranced by watching a professional doing their work in complete focus and concentration!

In a lot of reading I've found that while most of the approach to an airport is automatized, the final minutes and moments usually end up in human hands. So you are paying for the expertise of a living human sensory system, one that has learned to do certain things, microsecond by microsecond, at certain times in the unfolding of an airliner approach to a landing strip. Pilot does not just do things by signal -- otherwise it could be done from remote control -- but there in the seat, sensing the aircraft's reaction to their control touches. The pilots that you pay to get you from A to B are living beings directing machines. If that is not interesting to you, I give up! It opens a thousand questions about humanity and its relationship to machinery -- which is, of course, just an invention of humanity.

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