Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Water Landing Checklist

A first shot at a Water Landing checklist. This is a mockup, based on some FAA suggestions for water-landing of a balloon. I'll make many iterations of such checklists over the next year or so, as I prepare for a first flight in, I think, 2013. I'm not sure which checklists will be on my forearms--probably the most likely and important--and which will be mounted in the cockpit in some way that makes them accessible and unambiguous. I looked at a book on cockpit design last year, fascinating material regarding lettering, colors, placement of warnings and so on, and I'll revisit that later. For the moment, a mockup--a real flight checklist I used in paraglider flight training is here, where I'm about 800 feet above ground in Eastern Washington, setting up my landing phases.

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