Friday, December 16, 2011

Mask Microphone Test

Made a quick test of the oral-nasal mask mike, which will be used to communicate with whomever I can bribe into helping me with the suit test; the microphone, installed inside the mask (in the photo above it's just outside the mask, on an earlier test), routes communications to a regular walkie-talkie that I'll wear inside the pressure suit; when I talk into the mike, my words will be picked up by the suit assistant's walkie-talkie, and of course I'll wear earphones so I can hear them talk through their walkie-talkie. The mike sounds good enough (at least for the ground tests), as you can hear in this mp3 file. Now I need to figure out a way to permanently install the mike in the mask with an airtight fitting. For the actual flights, communications will be routed not to a walkie-talkie, of course, but to a VHF radio for communication with the ground, and/or an aviation band radio for communication with other aircraft.


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