Saturday, December 24, 2011


Above, the instrument panel, bristling, now, growing items like barnacles. I've taped life-size mockups of the VHF radio panel (narrow & horizontal) and aviation band transceiver (narrow and vertical radio with antenna) to the setup to start thinking about how much room I need for everything. This entire mockup will be taken apart and rebuilt into a functional cockpit layout later, but for the moment the idea is to make sure it all works together, learn the electrics issues (need to add solar panels for power) and start deciding where to place everything such that it all goes where I can see it all and access the various switches. I've added an LED voltmeter;t he analog voltmeter next to the main power switch will be replaced with a better voltmeter and matching ammeter. While the LED voltmeter is easy to read, at low temps the display will fail, so I don't have much use for it, really, though it draws so little power that I might keep it as an optional backup. I've also added my trusty ship's compass, near the bottom of the 'stack', which guided me across the Vatnajokull ice cap and across the Alaskan tundra and sea ice in two expeditions...I wouldn't think of leaving it behind! Tomorrow, Christmas day--a day for six hours' writing, and then straight on to continue with this system!

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