Friday, September 5, 2014

Kelp Diving!

While in LA I went diving with my old buddy John Haslett, with whom I have voyaged twice on the Pacific (up the coast of Central America and from Oakland to Ventura) and had many other fine adventures. There was a storm swell up and S-facing beaches were being pounded, the sand being drawn off them leaving shifting cobbles underfoot. We each took a beating getting in and out -- but once past the breakers it was great diving in swirling, sometimes very sandy waters.

Four dives in the kelp off Palos Verdes and Leo Carillo. Sea urchins a foot across and big black sea snails! The feeling of being helplessly swept forward 30 feet at a time was Ok once you knew that in a few seconds the surge would draw you right back to where you were a few moments ago. It was a glorious feeling of submission to the elements, while maintaining some control over my breathing, bouyancy and so on. I sketched these impressions while waiting for a plane.

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