Friday, September 19, 2014

Building the 2015 Flight Trainer

A lot of fun building yesterday, late into last night and today -- a lot of the plumbing in for gasses and fluids, but waiting for Alexander Knapton to put in our wiring. I have a lot of fun envisioning the flights as I build, and of course since the main flight will be something on the order of an hour or two, it's important to enjoy everything leading up to that little window of time. This is the third cockpit / life support system build since 2011 and I think it's very close to how the 2015 airship will look RE the interior. Fun visit from Bruce today, he gave the thumbs up, sounds good considering he designs and builds race car cockpits and he has no worries about the wild flight pattern, or the unconventional balloon I want to build, rather he joins in on the fun about how unlikely a lot of these ideas are. Bruce, a retired engineering technician, flew planes "back in the 70's when everything was less was a big deal when we started using altimeters!".

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