Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pressure Suit Altitude Chamber Test - Copenhagen 2013

If you missed it first time 'round, here is the altitude chamber test of the pressure suit I built over the last four years, five if you include a year of just reading It was one heck of a great day in Copenhagen! Narrated by Kristian Benge, lead capsule designer at Copenhagen Suborbitals. CS were recently awared the FAI Breitling Award for years of working on putting a person into space by a private, DIY approach. Congratulations guys! Here in Portland our organization is now coming together as the US arm of CS (website etc on the way), working on the space suit and life-support systems, which I'll test in a 2015 balloon flight to above the Armstrong Line (c.65k feet) where a pressure suit is absolutely mandatory for survival. Cheers, Cameron M. Smith


Unknown said...

Cool, once again a very informative video from CS. Also I'm amazed about Cameron Smith. Fantastic DIY space Suit - Don't forget to read from his blog, he has some very interesting story’s about the development program for his space suit

Hi Cameron Smith – Very interesting to follow you on this site. I'm very impressed when it comes to your DIY space suit. And I'm looking forward to see the next generation of space suit, especial how you will develop the “ball joint” for knee and elbow. I also think it is very interesting to follow your corporation with CS – hopefully this team work will continue for long time

Cheers Bill Selmer

Unknown said...
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Cameron McPherson Smith said...

Thanks, Bill -- I'm also interested in how we're going to work out the joints! Cheers Cameron

Unknown said...

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Arjun Kapoor said...

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