Monday, October 7, 2013


I am awfully lucky to have made our connection with Copenhagen Suborbitals this year. I'm heading back there ASAP; certainly next summer, hopefully as soon as this Winter. Above, photo from the home page of the Danish Ministry of Science Facebook page; for a promo of their upcoming Science Night (Kulturnat Uddannelsesministeriet) they've used a photo of the pressure suit! I'm in good company.


Anders Feder said...

As a matter of pedantry, the Danish name of the Ministry of Science is just "Uddannelsesministeriet" (or formally "Ministeriet for Forskning, Innovation og Videregående Uddannelser").

The word "Kulturnat" ("culture night") rather refers to a specific event on Friday night, where many companies and organizations in Copenhagen will invite the public inside for "open house" parties.

The Ministry of Science will be hosting Peter Madsen and other members of CS, along with the HEAT 2X rocket and possibly the HEAT 1600 LOX tank.

In any case, they clearly do think your pressure suit is awesome. The other guy in a space suit, in the right side of the image, is Andreas Mogensen who has been selected to fly to the ISS for ESA in 2015, as Denmark's first astronaut.

Cameron McPherson Smith said...

Thanks, Anders.
Cheers Cameron