Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oral-Nasal Mask Installed

This component has given me more difficulty than any other in the project so far. For a number of reasons, I've decided to use an oral-nasal mask inside the pressure helmet; building it in has been difficult because the mask--until I heavily modified it--was too big to fit inside the helmet. Also, routing breathing gas intake and exhalation hoses has been comically difficult--it seems so easy, but half a dozen factors make it hard to do. I spent a month on the gloves, but now I'm into the second month of this component. The mask is in, now, as you can see above...but to be honest, it still isn't right; it's a little too tight, and the intake/exhalation hoses are too small, making breathing slightly more laborious than usual...and I just can't have that. So, while this is close--no cigar! More modifications are in store. I might even devise a system that ditches the O-N mask altogether, which would be preferable.

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