Sunday, May 16, 2010

Carl Sagan

What Carl Sagan--who died in 1996-- is reading & speaking here are each great sentences--take it apart, write down the words, and you will see that they are not easy to write; they look simple, but each is tough. It's hard to write this way without being called corny, or intellectual, or high-falutin, or ivory tower. To write like this, much less speak the words on camera, Carl Sagan had to be passionate and in love with the material. When everything around you screams 'here and now', dissolving and devaluating real passion, it's hard to pull off. I'm sure all these problems held also when he made Cosmos, but somehow, somehow, Carl Sagan's producers 'got it' and they let Carl Sagan say what he wanted to say. So good on Carl, but also on his producers.

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