Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Return to Earth

Dr. Etienne has landed safely in Siberia. A few comments:

On April 10 Jean-Louis Etienne touched down in Sakha in Siberia after flying alone in his rozière balloon across the Arctic Ocean for 121h and 30 minutes reported his website. According to them he covered 3130 km (1956 miles).


Everything went well with the landing, said Jean-Louis. “I had intended to go much further, but I found myself faced with a huge, thick wall of mist. I didn't want to go back up again to cross to the other side without knowing where I was going.”

He said he came straight down, but it went well. “I was expecting worse.”

“I feel very satisfied and relieved. There were after all some tricky moments during this flight.”


He compared it with land and sea expeditions. “The difference is that in the air, the slightest problem can be fatal. In the air you don't get a moment to rest. If something is not right, you can't take a break and think about what can be done. You have to analyze things very quickly and come to a rapid decision.”

He said he had some tense moments when he was flying low.

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