Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baffin Island Update

Text chat with Chiu, who's now en route to Baffin Island:

Chiu-Liang: Hi Cameron, I am in Ottawa now waiting for next day flight. I find out that there in Pond Inlet has coleman fuel and sell for $35/gal

me: well that is better than 50 a gallon ha ha and good, you can get fuel!

Chiu-Liang: I paid $100 at PDX overweight checkin luggage.
just like the last time. any way, I will see after I get to Iqaluit.

me: well expeditions always take verty penny I have : it is worth it howver

Chiu-Liang: Tonight I will sleep at the airport Ottawa.

me: any weather update?
Sent at 12:37 PM on Monday
Chiu-Liang: Pond Inlet is good, Iqaluit has chance of PPT. Here in Ottawa is good. I wear the sorel -40 boots walking in street to go to t he library, too hot to hot!

me: yes they arre for very cold! you'll be happy you have them when it cools down!

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