Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am consumed, obsessed, with fears; I can barely sleep. Am I setting myself up for a quick suicide mission by building my own pressure suit, and trying to use that to
sustain my life in a balloon ascent to the lower stratosphere?

On the one hand, a pressure suit is a relatively simple piece of equipment--people have been building these garments for over 70 years--and I think I've built a functional suit that will sustain me to 50,000 feet altitude.

On the other hand, one very small mistake, in this stage of my preparations, could kill me.

So, I move very slowly & carefully, and I try to get some sleep.

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Flynn Renard said...

Vergessen nicht, "I can't worry about "You'll get killed doing that!" (I think, "And you're going to live forever?"), I can't worry about anything but the life energy that flows in me right now..." Sie hatte dies zu sagen. You are right to be careful in your construction, but I do not believe you are a man whom is governed by his fears.