Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Books

Three books to write this year; one contract signed, two in the works.

"The Fact of Evolution", for Prometheus, will walk the reader through the process of evolution, showing--in the clearest terms--that evolution is a fact of the natural world.

"Distant Lands Unknown: The Evolution of Homo extraterrestrialis", for _____________ , will argue that humanity must migrate off of our home planet if we wish to survive as a species.

"The Frost Giants", for __________, will be the wild narrative of my solo expeditions on Iceland's Vatnajokull Ice Cap.

With these commitments--and flying as much as possible this year in preparation for the next Alaska expedition (nine months and counting!), and continuing work on the High Altitude Ballooning Project [and, oh yeah, teaching]--there is not a moment to lose!


Anonymous said...

You haven't given up teaching at PSU have you?

Cameron McPherson Smith said...

Never! If PSU ends up firing me for teaching radical ideas such as "evolution" or "climate change" I swear I will open my own private college! I learn so much from teaching that I cannot imagine a life without it!

Christopher Davidson said...

In your upcoming book, "Distant Lands Unknown," do you cite any previous articles that draw analogies between Polynesian explorations and the colonization of space that so many of us are hoping for? I would be very grateful if you could point me in that direction, since I'm working on a think piece drawing parallels between the colonizations of California in the past and the colonization of space in the future. If the dream is of great cities in space, connected to Earth via exchanges of trade and knowledge, then California is a good model... Thanks very much!