Friday, August 21, 2009


In Ecuador, as underwater, it´s foolish to fight the tide. Í´m being shuttled from one meeting to the next, all in Spanish, para obtenir permissiones for a ´Proyecto Arqueologico de Submarina´ next summer. Hablarmos mucho, cada dia, sobre coordinacion de me universidad y Museo Salango. Me gusta todos.

In the mean time, a promotional video for Wilderness Survival for Dummies (you can get it at Amazon, or anywhere else on the web, or in Borders or other ´brick-and-mortar´ stores); this video was edited by Annie Biggs. Here in Ecuador, with a muy lento connection, I can´t hear or see it, and it´´ll be fun when I get back to have a look!

Till then, enjoy your hot and cold running water! Remember, most people don´t have such luxuries.

Cheers from Pacific Ecuador


Charles Sullivan said...

That's a great little video, especially the bits about the pain and suffering.

Flynn Renard said...

Ah, be careful with that frost bite. I have a severed toe in my freezer right now that is an excellent example of what a little frost bite and gangrene can do. eek!

Charles Sullivan said...

"It's like fun, but different."

I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

estas prendiendo espanol?! que rico! que todo vaya bien con su proyecto y regresas con tantissimo data!