Friday, March 14, 2008

Arctic Flight Suit

Rab of England has sent me a beautiful Pertex shell suit that--once tailored to my exact size (accounting for wearing insulating clothing beneath)--is going to make an excellent flight suit for piloting my paraglider over the Arctic.

Modifications will include:

* thigh straps for alimeter / variometer instrument panel (left thigh)
* thigh map pocket for chart (right thigh)
* lower-leg holster for handgun (a precaution against polar bear attack)
* checklist patch on left forearm
* checklist patch on right forearm (these can be read while in flight, as the arms are up and visible during flight: you can see what I mean in this video.
* pocket adjustments for batteries (radio and camerra)

This spring and summer I'll be getting certified for "high flights", high enough to carry a reserve parachute in case my wing fails, as it did for this pilot:

Having said that, in Alaska I'll be flying very low; so low that there won't be time for a reserve; that's because I'll be flying mainly courtesy of mechanical lift from the steady Arctic ocean breeze blowing up bluff faces. This kind of ultra-low flight has been developed by Australians, as you can see in the following video:

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