Tuesday, March 18, 2008

384 and Mental

Three hundred eighty-four pages written--about 115,000 words--in the last three months. I'm mental, as they say in Britain. Mental I tell you! Only going out to the Ridgefield site, to find underwater archaeological sites, has kept me sane...fresh air, and a beautiful place, as you can see above. It's called the "Middle Lands," but I call it "Middle Earth." I wouldn't be surprised for some of these Oaks to be Ents :) Photo above by Todd Olson; click to enlarge, and I bet you'll breathe easier just seeing it.

I need to fly my glider. I dreamt about it last night; the suspension under the wing, the three-stage approach to a landing site; Downwind, Base, Final (same for aircraft with engines as for paragliders) phases all played out beautifully. No crash. No frontal assymetric collapse and need to throw the reserve--which was my last paragliding dream (nightmare, really.)

I need to dive as well, I need to be immersed in sea water, breathing air from a pressurized tank. So strange and beautiful to be supported by the water, then drop through it as it gets colder and darker, and then the soft crunch on the sea floor...

Video below is a very nice landing in Colorado, the pilot first circles to drop altitude, then makes a very nice approach and smooth landing in a parking lot;

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