Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cockpit Mosaic Photo

Even with a fisheye lense, I can't capture the entire cockpit in one photo, so this image is stitched together from three images. On the left, gas management (breathing gas and suit pressurization gas), on the right, electrical controls (on the bottom is the new, red battery switcher from main to backup battery) and on the top, some of the main flight monitors (vertical speed, altitude and so on). A few tests with me in the seat, pressurized in the suit and simulating (by radio) a 3-hour flight, will allow me to adjust and then 'lock in' this essential design, so that I can build the real cockpit from aircraft aluminum and some other materials. These tests ensure that with the suit pressurized, I can reach and operate controls, and in the worst case, bail out easily -- that's why directly in front of me there is nothing to get in the way of getting out of the seat and bailing straight out the front.

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