Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Suitup March 2012

First time in the suit after quite a while. This is as far as I can get it on without an assistant: the airtight zip closure on the back requires help. The suit is a lot easier to put on than before, due to some important changes I've made to the restraint garment as well as the liner garment that I wear inside (sewing socks to the legs made it a lot easier to slip into and out of the suit). Pressure tests before I put the suit on today had it leaking from 4psi to 3psi in 5 min, 3 to 2 psi in 11 min and 2 to 1psi in 14 min. This is the whole trick; get that leak rate down as close to zero as possible. Right now the suit isn't flyable, but I still have to replace the boots (part came...it wasn't right, must reorder) and I have a few other places where I think I can knock it out.

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Looking good!