Saturday, July 30, 2011


Above, the pressure suit bladder and restraining cover, essentially ready for full testing. Also, the many systems I have to perfect inside the suit, including the oral-nasal mask (finally sewed its protective cordura cover), fine adjustment of the breathing gas-in and gas-out hoses (coming off the oral-nasal mask), communications in (earbud; I need to splice another into the line so that I have two), communications out (the 'throat microphone' that allows me to speak through the walkie-talkie, because speaking into the O-N mask garbles the words), and the liner suit coolant hoses (clear plastic) that will circulate a non-freezable liquid through the hose, where it will pick up excess body heat--particularly at the neck, where so many blood vessels are close to the surface--and carry it out of the suit.

Getting close to being ready for my 30 August deadline for having the suit ready to climb into for a full-pressure suited test. Plenty to keep me busy every night till then!

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Aliza Sartor said...

Great post !For the sake of your fellow passengers, PLEASE DON'T! How aggravating to be trying to relax by the pool or wherever and have someone yelling pointlessly into a walkie talkie!