Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Blurb

I've written a blurb for a kids' book on evolution, written and illustrated by Michael Rubino. The images, in particular, are living, flowing, electric and life-affirming. Here's my writeup (I'll post the book link and some images later):

"For over sixty million years we primates have been highly visual creatures, and recently our minds have evolved to the point of being able to look back into our own life history. It has been worth the wait. Rubino's images are lively, breathtaking, flowing, thought-provoking, colorful and sharp. If they do not transport you and your children to the past--and enchant you and your children with nature and evolution--then I give up. The narrative also flows easily, carrying nothing pedantic or political; it simply recounts what science has learned of the history of the particular life form called humanity. This wonderful book would be a life-affirming gift for any child."

-- Cameron M. Smith, PhD, author of The Top Ten Myths About Evolution and The Fact of Evolution.

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