Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Books, Books, Books!

Just sent off the final edits to my Atlas of Human Prehistory! Samples are available at this site, where you can mouse over the 'files' control to bring up different samples. Four years' writing and illustrating and it feels great to have it off and in someone else's hands! Cover art for the preliminary edition has been set -- this will be changed for the next edition in 2017.

I've also just sent off final edits to my long-long-long project of the Iceland book, covering my adventures there, and the mind-boggling history of that strange land, spanning 2000-2004. This book will be in e- and hard-copy, published by Great Adventures Press in Los Angeles; the main outlet will be on Amazon. Below, one of many drawings for this book!

And, I am working on my forthcoming Principles of Space Anthropology, a graduate-level text for students of space planning. Below, a diagram I updated today regarding developmental biology and some implications of the altered gravity and chemical environments future populations will encounter in places such as Mars settlements.

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