Monday, March 2, 2015

Excellent Pressure Test

Excellent test last night: internal email to my crew pasted below:

"Hi all, thanks to a lot of checklist development, suit modifications, repairs and basic labors, last night we had one of our best-ever tests. I am writing up a brief to record it, but basically we had good pressure, minimal leaks, good arm mobility with no glove-creep due to new and completely functional longitudinal expansion prevention cables, good comms, excellent function of helmet hold-down cable clamp, and AK got his C02 numbers again so that after three more tests w/out C02 scrubbers we will start using C02 scrubbing medium and knock down those levels. With the new flexibility allowed by the arms I was able to manage all gas settings etc myself, with no help from outside: that includes operating the helmet hold-down assembly, which is a big step ahead. Excellent work, guys!"

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