Thursday, August 14, 2014

My NASA Talk Online

Last month I did a presentation for many NASA managers at the NASA / U-Texas/Austin Future-in-Space Working Group teleconference. The talk is on the biological and cultural dimensions of human space settlement, based on many recent writings, including 'Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization', coauthored with Dr. Evan Davies.

The audio and the powerpoint are now available at the link below.

It was really wild to hear everyone on the line chime in before the talk, "___ NASA Marshall", "___ NASA Houston", "______ NASA Ames", "____ NASA Canaveral", "_____ JPL" etc. About 20 NASA and another 20 of various other affiliations. Thrilled and honored to be included in such talks as ""The Z Suits: NASA's Next Generation Space Suits for Exploration" -- Phil Spampinato , ILC Dover, "Copernicus Trajectory Design and Optimization System" -- Jerry Condon , NASA Johnson and "Artificial Gravity, the ISS, and a Solution to Long-Duration Space Flight" -- Laurence Young , MIT . Good to represent Portland State as well!

If you're interested (I'm second down from the top):

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