Monday, June 2, 2014

Topanga Canyon

After my grilling by engineers at SpaceX I spent a glorious day crashing around in the wild oak canyon terrain of Topanga Canyon with my buddy John Haslett. We found the stone foundation remains of a Scotsman's 1830's house, his name carved into the stone; 'Dunbar McBride'. Rappelled down a cliff to look inside a cave, lots of guano there, scrambled up and out completely exhausted as the sun set. Comprehensive poison oak from my ankles to knees still furiously itches, some on my scalp as well. Well worth it! Fun to sketch with pen for a change rather than be on the computer.

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donaldc said...

Bro, I found this house after the big fire a few months ago. Can you tell me how to find the cave? Is the cave inside that huge rick formation directly up the dry creek?

Also, how did you know this house was build by a Scotsman? Do you know anything else about its origin? I found both a brick and a china plate at house that lean towards 1920s. Donald