Friday, March 21, 2014

Upcoming Talk at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

After my talk 03 April in Los Angeles, on evolution in general, this one for the Rose City Astronomers will be a lot of fun!

"When populations of humans eventually make multigenerational, interstellar voyages to settle an exoplanet, they will not be chisel-chinned astronauts living by checklists; they will be families, communities, entire cultures. How can we give them the best chance to succeed? We can begin by researching how humanity has adapted to global environments in the last 50,000 years. Both biology and culture will evolve beyond Earth.

Genetic studies tell us that we must be numerous and diverse in such migrations, and cultural anthropology shows that while we cannot predict precisely how humanity will change, we can be sure that it will, in universal concerns including how we measure kinship, our rules of inheritance, gender and age categories, and how we structure our families. There is plenty to consider. We might as well begin now."

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